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A podcast about how to make the most of your life trip, hosted by Dana Sutton, The Life Trip Coach. Dancing in the space where humor and seriousness overlap, episodes use various trip or journey metaphors to talk about the challenges and opportunities we face at different points in life ("becalmed" = no energy to go forward, "detours" = things that happen that we can't plan for).  Some are solo episodes with Dana, while others involve interviews with a coach, counselor, or other "travel agent." Funny, relevant, thought-provoking, and helpfully motivating! 

Theme Music - "Road Trip" by Phil Reavis used on a Creative Commons License

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Oct 9, 2017

Part 2 of a series on the power of Honoring Your Values, this episode is a conversation with friend and fellow coach, Sean Forrester, in which we talk about boats. Yes, boats... as metaphors for values that drive our life trips. For example, traveling by sailboat has benefits and costs (advantages and disadvantages) that are somewhat different from traveling by power boat. And if your imagination is starting to "travel" in that direction right now, then check out this episode!

The series is intended to get you thinking about your highest values and how well they are serving you in getting you where you want to be in your life. A classic example would be having a high value on freedom or independence, and having a job that might pay well but feels restrictive or even oppressive. You certainly could consider changing jobs; or you might consider shifting values at least temporarily. What might change for you if you chose to make financial security a higher value... just for now? How might that actually lead to being able to truly explore your freedom and independence later? 

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