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A podcast about how to make the most of your life trip, hosted by Dana Sutton, The Life Trip Coach. Dancing in the space where humor and seriousness overlap, episodes use various trip or journey metaphors to talk about the challenges and opportunities we face at different points in life ("becalmed" = no energy to go forward, "detours" = things that happen that we can't plan for).  Some are solo episodes with Dana, while others involve interviews with a coach, counselor, or other "travel agent." Funny, relevant, thought-provoking, and helpfully motivating! 

Theme Music - "Road Trip" by Phil Reavis used on a Creative Commons License

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Sep 11, 2017

This episode is about ways to begin to better hear and pay attention to your intuition, that other inner voice, the one that gets crowded out by things like over-thinking, busyness, or fear of showing emotion. It's for those of you whose Tour Guide is great with the rational, the quantifiable, but who may experience “paralysis by analysis.” 
How might your life trip be different if your inner Tour Guide paid as much attention to your intuition as to your intellect?