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A podcast about how to make the most of your life trip, hosted by Dana Sutton, The Life Trip Coach. Dancing in the space where humor and seriousness overlap, episodes use various trip or journey metaphors to talk about the challenges and opportunities we face at different points in life ("becalmed" = no energy to go forward, "detours" = things that happen that we can't plan for).  Some are solo episodes with Dana, while others involve interviews with a coach, counselor, or other "travel agent." Funny, relevant, thought-provoking, and helpfully motivating! 

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Oct 23, 2017

This episode is the second in a series about examining your values, or as I’m now calling it “Values Realignment” - more on that later. It’s a part of an ongoing conversation my brother, Jeremy Sutton and I - both aging athletes - have been having for a while about how our values around things like competition and connection have changed as we’ve gotten older in order for us to continue making the most of our life trips.

How - or even whether - we play sports as we age is just one way that our values affect our decisions and our activities. What are some ways you could benefit from assessing and realigning your values to where you are now in your life?